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Welcome to the official website for Haven Publications,

publishing exclusively the work of Daniel R. Nelson since 2002.


After the publication of The Great American Night (2002) and Primaland (2003),

Dan went into virtual, self-imposed exile, only to re-surface in 2015 with a gallery of new work:

the equivalent of two collections of short stories, 8 novels, and numerous screenplays.


Take your time. Browse through the site. Choose where you want to start:


For more information about Dan, find the link "Biography of D. R. Nelson?" (on any page) or click one of the links below: 


Short Stories


Art Gallery (Coming Soon)


In Depth: Novels

In Risk We Trust (Epic Generational Crime Thriller)

Flip City Blues (Dramatic Psychological Thriller)

The Savage Pursuit of Serenity (Dramatic Comedy)

Primaland (Surreal Avant-Gard book inspired by the writings of Jack Kerouac & William S. Burroughs, the films of David Lynch, and the music of Bob Dylan)

Things That Never Happen (Dramatic Comedy Thriller)

The Mosaic Trilogy (Dramatic Science Fiction/Fantasy based on Mythology/Espionage/Time Travel)

Santa's Secret Weapon (Dramatic Holiday Thriller/Espionage)


In Depth: Short Story Collections

The Great American Night (Volume 1 of The Night Show Collection)

Signals From Noise (Volume 2 of The Night Show Collection)

Crackpot Visionaries (Volume 3 of The Night Show Collection)

In The Parlance Of Our Crimes (Volume 4 of The Night Show Collection)


In Depth: Screenplays

Things I Come From

Crazy Willie Rides On


Lunatics Are My Specialty

Lazarus Cane (first hour)

Black Tapestry


The Truth Variations

In Depth: Art Gallery (Coming Soon)