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EPISODE: "MALABAR"                              ON BLACK:
     13     ST. LOUIS                        13

            We hear a phone RINGING twice.

            A Man's voice/BURLETTE.


                                MALE VOICE V.O.
                      Stay in your flat for the next twenty
                      four hours, keep your fax machine on,
                      wait for your books.

            FADE IN:

     14     INT. BURLETTE'S FLAT -- DAY                                14

            We come in on BURLETTE, a male, forty's, standing with a
            phone in his hand. He listens as the phone DISCONNECTS, no
            change of his nonplussed expression. He hangs up the phone.

            CU of him turning on a fax machine. 

            A KNOCK at the door causes him to look up and over his

            At the door of his flat.

            Reverse: On him. 

            The door opens/Burlette's POV: A POSTAL EMPLOYEE.

            Reverse/The postal employee's POV: Burlette looks down at...

            CU/Burlette's POV: the book mailing box in the postal
            employee's hands.

            MCU: Burlette closes his door, standing there with the box in
            his hand. He opens it with his bare hands.

            CU/Burlette's POV: the book he pulls out of the box: Daniel
            J. Boorstin's "The Americans" (check for clearances). He
            opens it in his hands to page 54, at which a small, clear
            packet is waiting. These are fake fingerprints. Also, there
            is a letter, two audio cassette tapes, and a small photograph
            of "Quinlan A. Elridge", who strikes a definite resemblance
            to Burlette.

            Reverse: Burlette reading the letter.

                                CIA CONTACT'S V.O.
                      Tomorrow, hail a cab from the corner of
                      your street (street names). You will
                      order the driver to take you to the
                      business district, to the corner of 8th
                      and Pine. Expect contact the moment you
                      leave your flat, though it will probably
                      not come until you have reached your

                                                                 CUT TO:

     15     INT. THE CONTACT'S OFFICE -- DAY                           15

            On the other side of a desk, we see the CIA CONTACT, a middle
            aged man, looking into camera, as though looking directly at
            us (or Burlette's POV). 

                                CIA CONTACT
                      Leave the cab at the corner of 8th and
                      Pine and wait. Malabar's people will
                      engage you there. Go with them freely.
                      You will be at the entrance to the subway
                      station; it is possible they will lead
                      you to the trains in order to take you to
                      your meeting with Malabar.

            INT. BURLETTE'S FLAT -- DAY

            Burlette reading.

                                CIA CONTACT'S V.O.
                      You will be assuming the identity of a
                      man named Quinlan A. Elridge, an heir to
                      the Daemon Shipping fortune.
                      Elridge's uncle, Willis Daemon, once was
                      admitted to the Festival of Others, hence
                      making Elridge a viable candidate for
                      admittance, as well. Elridge is who
                      Malabar believes he will be meeting with.
                      As always, knowledge of your activities
                      will be disavowed if your cover is blown.
                      All evidence of this letter should be
                      destroyed immediately upon reading.
End of "Malabar" Excerpt
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