Lawyers script (converted)


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            FADE IN:

      1     INT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- DAY                                   1

            Steadicam. CU on an EKG cardiogram of a pulse rate, BEEPING
            steadily, rhythmically. As we pull back slowly, the sound
            fades, and when it goes flatline, the sound is more grabbing
            because its during our withdrawl from the room. This
            continuous shot carries us out of the room, into an area that
            conjoins hospital rooms, a nurse's area, with a staff desk
            and some random medical apparatus. The floor, itself.

      2     INT. CONJOINING NURSE'S AREA -- DAY                         2

            Once here, we can see the WIFE in the room, standing up from
            her seat and going to her HUSBAND, in the bed, who has
            flatlined. She is SCREAMING. STAFF members flurry to react to
            the ALARMS going off, flooding into the room, we continue to
            pull back. A few PATIENTS, moving slowly in the hallway, look
            up to follow the movement visually. We hear a precision
            cacophany of back ground noise (doctor's orders, patients
            gasping, alarms and the wife screaming, etc.)

            Once we are at the other end of the room, our steadicam angle
            abruptly moves 90 degrees to the left and stops on the
            stairwell door, which opens then swiftly, admitting to the
            nurse's area a MAN IN A WHITE SUIT, who advances toward our
            POV. End of steadicam.

      3     INT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- DAY                                   3

            The Man in the white suit (herein "White Suit") approaches
            the room where the flatline has originated and stops at the
            door, peering in at the wife sobbing.

            Reverse: White Suit turns to face what's coming up behind

            White Suit's POV: Two DOCTORS and a NURSE rushing toward him,
            one pushing a crash cart on wheels, two running alonside. 

            Original shot: All three pass through White Suit as though he
            were an apparition, entering the room without even realizing
            his presence. 

            Over the shoulder/White Suit: Staring in at the professionals
            struggling to revive the failing man.

            Reverse/low angle: White Suit steps forward, and lays a hand
            on the wife's shoulder. She is oblivious. A nurse is trying
            to pull her up to her feet and away.

                                                                 CUT TO:

      4     THE WIFE'S FUTURE/FLASHFORWARD:                             4

      5     INT. THE WIFE'S BEDROOM -- NIGHT                            5
            She stands before a mirror in a bathroom adjoining her master
            CU of her.

            CU of the Demerol bottle in her hand.

                                                            CUT BACK TO:

      6     INT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- DAY                                   6

            As the nurse pulls the wife toward the door, White Suit steps
            closer to the bed and puts a hand on the failing man's ankle.

            CU on White Suit's face, concentrating. We hear a specific
            mix of sounds unrelated to the activity in the room: children
            LAUGHING, patriotic MUSIC, the theme song from RAIDERS OF THE
            LOST ARK, FIREWORKS, RAIN, (possibly others). White Suit
            looks down at the failing man. Dimmer, we hear the doctors
            trying to revive their patient.

            CU of the failing man, very near death. We also hear the
            flatline EKG suddenly the foreground sound, bringing us back
            to the actual sounds of the room.

            The nurse who took the wife out of the room returns, in a
            hurry, to assist.

            New angle: From behind White Suit, who turns slowly (toward
            camera), as though having a heard a sound behind him, or
            sensed a presence.

            Angle of the failing man weakly cracking his eyelids.

            Failing Man's POV: A white Shimmering light, luminescent, the
            fabled "white light". Provoking this light into a tangible
            focus, we see it is White Suit walking away.

            Reverse: The failing man's eyes roll back in his head.

      7     INT. CONJOINING NURSE'S AREA -- DAY                         7

            White Suit comes toward camera, entering the conjoining room
            again, unseen by two patients who have curiously approached
            the room of the failing man. White Suit steps forward, as
            though listening to something above him.

            His POV: the ceiling, tile panels.

            Reverse: high angle looking down on him.

            Reverse: As the tile collapses and The Man in the Black Suit
            (herein "Black Suit") descends upon him through the tiles. 

            Both continue to fall through the floor, disappearing from

            One of the patients, an AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN, turns,
            distracted from looking into the failing man's room, as
            though sensing someone moving behind her.

            Following her perspective, we see the tiles in the ceiling
            are undamaged, as is the floor, and there is no sign of the
            men in suits.

      8     INT. 3RD FLOOR HALLWAY -- DAY                               8

            White and Black suit fall through the tiles of this ceiling,
            and flip in midair, resulting in Black Suit being the one who
            breaks the fall. 

            Both land in a heap on this new floor and White Suit is the
            first one to his feet.

            Low angle/Shooting up: At White Suit, standing over his
            opponent. He pulls something from behind his back, a long
            barelled handgun with a laser scope attachment, which he aims
            down at his prey.

            Reverse: High angle/shooting down on White Suit, standing
            over Black Suit, about to fire the killshot. The scene is
            silent. Patients roam the hallway here, as well.

            Original: One sound, a loud BEEP, indicating a pulse has been
            revived on the floor above. The White Suit freezes,

            Reverse: His head turns up to the...

            White's POV: ...gaping hole in the ceiling.

            Back to White Suit, and the sudden sound of the EKG
            registering a heartbeat. 

                                DOCTOR #1
                          (muffled from distance)
                      A pulse! I've got him!

            White Suit turns back to look down at Black Suit, gun aimed,
            as Black Suit's black boot rises quickly and connects with
            White Suit's hand, causing the gun to go flying off behind
            him. Surprised, his head turns to follow it, then looks back
            down to Black Suit, who's next kick....

            Propells White Suit backwards, in the direction of the gun.

            Wide angle: White Suit flying sixty or so feet backward.

            He lands on his back, winded. Past him, blurry in the
            background, we see an OLD MAN IN A BATHROBE.

            Old Man's POV: White Suit laying on the ground. Slowly, White
            Suit turns to regard the old man, who is watching him.

            The Old man can, indeed, see him.

                                OLD MAN
                      Are you here for me?

            White Suit continues to regard him, dubious. His gaze moves
            upward to the others in the ward, seeing mental patients,
            many who are obviously delusional.

            Angle shooting through White Suit's soles, at his face, which
            turns to camera. 

            White's POV: Black Suit is advancing, pulling a samurai sword
            from a sheath over his shoulder. 

                                WHITE SUIT
                          (to Old Man)
                      Not today, Mr. Watkins. You've got a
                      while, yet.

            White rolls quickly to the side, avoiding the blade that
            Black Suit brings down to cleave him in half. The blade
            strikes the tiled floor, sending up sparks.

            White, now on his feet, rises up through the ceiling,
            disappearing back to the floor we started on.

            The Old Man regards with understandable awe, then looks to
            Black Suit, who follows White Suit upward in the same
            fashion, disappearing.

            The Old Man's eyes rise to the holes in the floor that only
            he can see. 

            An AFRICAN AMERICAN NURSE, standing by the desk on the same
            ward as the old Man, looks up from her work at the old Man.

                      Mr. Watkins, it's almost time for lunch.
                      Come take your meds.

            We see her POV of the Old Man, and the ceiling above him is
            entirely entact.

            Watkins turns from his own concentration on the same spot,
            and we see, quite clearly, two gaping holes where White and
            Black Suit disappeared, respectively. 

                          (to the nurse)
                      I'm checking out. 
                      I'm not crazy anymore.

            The Nurse just regards him suspiciously.

                                                                 CUT TO:

      9     INT. CONJOINING NURSE'S AREA -- DAY                         9

            We see White Suit rise through the tiled floor, followed
            closely by Black Suit, through another hole closer to the
            failing man's room. They regard each other from across the
            room, as old warriors before the final struggle.

            Another BEEP, and both look to the room.

                                DOCTOR #2
                      I've got him, I've got him, he's coming
                      back. Prep for surgery!

            Black Suit clenches his sword tighter, and prepares for...

            White Suit's self-propelled advance through the air,
            connecting with Black Suit, and carrying him onward, into the
            failing man's room, and...

     10     EXT. HOSPITAL ROOM -- DAY                                  10

            ...Out into midair, to a point right outside the window of
            the failing man's room.

            There they hang, suspended, landing blows on each other and
            locked in mortal combat.

            In the midst of this, White Suit looks down to the street and

            White's POV: they are above the hospital entrance, and an
            ambulance below is parked outside the emergency entrance. Two
            PARAMEDICS are lifting a body out of the back on a gurney.

                      Take that one. Leave me this one. Neither
                      of us will be the worse for wear.

                      That's not how this works. Why should I
                      settle for half a success?

            From inside, we hear a third loud BEEP, the EKG. Both
            warriors turn quickly to aknowledge it.

                      I'll give him to you, with brain damage.
                      You walk away from the car accident
                      victim, and the gunshot wound coming in
                      the next hour.

                      Give me the one in there with no brain
                      damage. You already have the car accident
                      victim. I'll give you a ten-second grace
                      period on the gunshot before I intervene.

                      I don't know--

                      What about the earthquake next week? I'll
                      give you a fifteen-second head-start
                      there, too.

                      Why do you want this one so bad?

            White looks back in through the failing man's room, and see
            the wife rushing back into the room, trying to grasp her
            husband in his last seconds. The Doctor tries to push her

                      I don't. 

            Cut sound. All but a single, stronger BEEP, followed soon by
            another, then another. The nurses and doctors inside the room

            The Black Suit regards this and sighs, discouraged.

                                BLACK SUIT
                      Fine. Whatever.

            He drops away from the battle, disappearing.

            The White Suit does not turn to watch him go, but floats
            closer to the window of the room with the once failing man.
            He smiles.

            The wife, in the room, is clinging to her husband. A nurse is
            trying to comfort her, calm her down. The Doctors are
            exhausted but relieved.

            The White Suit watches this, vindicated. While watching, he
            reaches into his jacket and pulls out a pair of dark shades,
            which he puts on. 

            The screen slides to screen-left, covering White Suit with
            the title screen of the show: The Night Show.

                                                                 CUT TO: