My Scripts:




(For the television series "The Night Show")


Season 1:

An Intro to Season 1 of The Night Show


 (partial Pilot Episode)

Lawyers & Malabar


(Complete Second Episode)

Strange Changes & Crazy Willie Rides On


(Complete Third Episode)

Things I Come From


(Complete Fourth Episode)

Lunatics Are My Specialty



(The Pilot Episode for a TV series called "In Risk We Trust")

"Call of the Riled" (Pilot Episode)

Episode Two: "Revelations of the Genesis"




New!! (The entire 155 page script for the second volume of "The Truth Variations"!)

"Tells the exploits of 4 rejects from society who agree to participate in a secret government experiment"


New!! (The entire 243 script for "Primaland"!)

"Based on the novel of the same name, the film features the exploits of a group of anti-superheroes in a strange and metaphysical land where inspiration and madness originates."


(The first hour of "Lazarus Cane"!)

"A old feud between mythical foes culminates in a remote Rocky Mountain community with a mythical presence of it's own."


New!! (A Sneak Peek at "Black Tapestry: Inspired by Oliver Stone's JFK"!)

"A 3-hour film which picks up where Oliver Stones' masterpiece left off, repeating none of the same oft-unknown facts in the case."


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