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One Page Master List


The Night Show, Vol. 1: The Great American Night (Expanded Edition)

Scene Before Birth (A Reincarnation Story)*Snakes of Southeast Michigan* / The Road to Mirrors* / The Restless Age / Things I Come From /

Crazy Willie Rides On / Lawyers / Malabar / Leaving* / Presque’s Last Night / Strange Changes / Night Fishing / Both Sides, Same Coin (“Lawyers” Reconceived)* /

We’ll Be Seeing You / Lunatics Are My Specialty / All the Great Places / Diversion Street / The Difference Between True and Real / Endofall Heights / Reverie* /

Reinventing Billy Wayneright (Part 1)* / Parting Shots (Part 1)* / Harry's Fugue in D Minor*




The Night Show, Vol. 2: Signals From Noise 

“The Mansion” (An Introduction to Signals from Noise) / “The Sum, In Parts” (A Foreword to The Collective) / The Collective  / “The Dawn in Faraway Skies” (A Foreword to Friends of the Obscurantist) / Friends of the Obscurantist /

 “Magic and Rage on Shadow Lane” (A Foreword to A Conspiracy for the Whole Family) / A Conspiracy for the Whole Family

“Familiar Faces in the Strangest Places” (A Foreword to Doubles Night at the Switching Yard) / Doubles Night at the Switching Yard

“The Man Who Wasn’t There” (A Foreword to Insomniacs Anonymous) /  Insomniac’s Anonymous /  “Two for Me, One for Them” (A Foreword to True Fiction (Biography of a Spy) / True Fiction (Biography of a Spy)

 “Do Not Try This At Home” (A Foreword to Catching Smoke) / Catching Smoke /  “Scratching the Surface” (A Foreword to Hatchet’s Course) /  Hatchet’s Course

 “Whatever Gets You through the Night” (A Foreword to Bedtime at Dreamland) / Bedtime at Dreamland / “Rolling Heavy Dice” (A Foreword to A Good Game to Play for the Fate of the World) / 

A Good Game to Play for the Fate of the World / “Some Take Office Supplies, Others…” (A Foreword to Fringe Benefits) / Fringe Benefits / “Toast the Cameraman” (A Foreword to A Gig in the Hills) /  A Gig in the Hills /

"Mercy on the Criminal?” (A Foreword to The Wolf in Twilight) /  The Wolf in Twilight/  “Everything Must Stay” (A Foreword to A Yard Sale in Conspiracy Heaven) /  A Yard Sale in Conspiracy Heaven



The Night Show, Vol. 3: Crackpot Visionaries

In Winter You Will Find Me / Main Street Exit Strategy (Coming in April, 2016!) / Fellow Travelers / The Game Upstairs / A Summit Meeting of the Shadow People /

Payne's Research / The Devil In God's Country (Coming Soon!) / Words From the Tank / The True Story / Myth / The Reason / This Will Save You / Twist Therapy /

The Union of Seers / Passing In the Blink / The Revelation Sessions / Leave The Lights On Behind You / Parting Shots, Part 1 (Lester's Cage)




The Night Show, Vol. 4: In The Parlance Of Our Crimes


Be Nice to People in Lonely Places / So Many Names / Diversions for the Night Brigade / An Account of Our Demise at the Hands of Mr. Kleve /

A Misunderstanding between Friends (Coming Soon!) / Madman Blues / A Witness from the Other Side / She Remembers Flying /

Always a Reason / The Self-Helper / Natives /

The Hitter's Missus (Coming Soon!)

Entrance Fees


Blackwoods Drive:

Vol. I: The MAJIC Show


Staged Lightning (or The Birth of Bull) / Majestic Airlines /  Frisky's Weekend Pass / Silencers/Believers / Mirage Unit /

The Midnight Side / Accountants of the Apocalypse / A Roswell Vay-K / Hitchhikers / The Toy Factory /

The View from Inside / Caught By the Tale / Green Acres / Unrest in the Flip-Sider’s Union /  U/O: 12/24 /

An Open Letter to Friends



Vol. II: The Gentlemen of Blades 


Santa’s Secret Weapon / The View from Kings’ Fairway / Fun with Mirrors / Ghosts, Both Living and Dead / The Diary of Lee Harvey Oswald /

The Patsy Shuffle / From Beginner’s Luck to Loose Ends / Selling Despereaux / The Spotter / Talking Old Killers / Black Channel Blues


Volume III: The World Staged

Hoax (I: Behind the Black Door; II: The Shadow Box)

Ask No Questions & Drive Fast (Random rules from Handbook of the Effective Courier) / 

Get Me Cousin Larry!/Who Is Rupert Jones?/Another Day at Paradise /

Favors* / Patsy Blues / Favors (Revisited) / The One that Almost Got Away* /

Black Channel Blues / Dialogue On the Dark Side of an Invisible Mountain / Reinventing Billy (part 1)



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