Different Animals

(Table of Contents) 


Looking Backward (A Foreword)


(An Excerpt from) Santa's Secret Weapon                   27       


"The Hostage"                                                           39

(Complete Story: Part 3 of Flip City Blues)


(Excerpts from)

The Savage Pursuit of Serenity (A Comedy)            127


(Excerpts from)

Godwin & Deville: Book Three of The Mosaic

"Discovery Road/On the Eve of Adam"                 157


"To the Winds, the Witness"                                   189


"Natives"                                                                   223

(Complete Story from In the Parlance of Our Crimes)


"The Revelation Sessions"                                       269

(Complete Story from Crackpot Visionaries)


"The Collective"                                                        329

(Complete Story from Signals from Noise)


(The Prologue from Things That Never Happen)

"Observations from the Oasis: 4 a.m."                   359


(Complete Novella/Vol. 1 of In Risk We Trust)

"The Call of the Riled"                                             381


Acknowledgments/Bibliography                            575