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Things That Never Happen


"Arriving in the smallest of rural Texas towns, home of a hotel called the Diamond In the Sand and a diner called the Oasis, seven strangers spend the next twenty-four hours unwittingly affecting each other's reasons for being there."


Observations from the Oasis (4 a.m.)


Part 1: Day

The Comedian

The Man in #224

A Friend of the Man in the Snakeskin Jacket

 The Kid from Nowhere

The Myth of Atlantic Jack

A Brush with Destiny

The Shaman

The Devil

Pie with the Dead Guy

The Tape

The Unknowing Recipient

Less the Grace of a Swan...

The Gorilla Brothers

One Who Sees Everything

(And Knows Nothing at All)

Observing the Natives

Wild Animals Need Love, Too!

Into the Fire

A Breakthrough


Part 2: Night


Mail Order Miracles

The Last Souvenir

Quintana’s Lucky Day

Sprung by the Snapped

Caging the Goat

Twisted Means to Bitter Ends



The Punchline