Welcome to the Mosaic.

For me, it's been an odyssey coming to know this bizarre character named Malabar. When I started him, even I didn't know what he would turn out to be. Malabar first surfaced in a short story I wrote, called (conveniently) "Malabar," and appeared again in Primaland. Between these two showings, I established his ability to time travel and that he harbored a mansion-full of mythical creatures (a Minotaur, among other things). How he came to become married to another project I was writing about a town-full of werewolves in the Rocky Mountains, I can no longer remember, but the two characters were not to remain mutually exclusive. The overall trilogy, which later came to be known as The Mosaic, builds from a specific catalytical event, which takes place in the first book, Lazarus Cane. Cane, to me, is like an old friend by now. In his human form, he carries himself with the dignity of an expatriat aristocrat, while producing pornographic films in New York City under the alias "Lon Siodmak". The reason for that name will have to wait until you read the book. Explaining it here would give too much away.

Book 1 describes the catalyst for the President's admission (in Book 2) that things like teleportation, time travel, and alien alliances actually exist.

Book 3 defines the fallout of that geopolitically relevant announcement by a congressional committee, established to investigate the veracity of the President's comments. This publicly observed Croyce Commission (nee Warren Commission) is mirrored by a different investigation, which is taking place "behind the scenes" and involves most of the principles with prior knowledge that all of the President's confessions were true.

What will shock you is the agenda behind it all.

  The answer will not only reveal events so pedestrian as those which take place on the world stage, or the existence of the World Shadow Government, but also secret truths behind the very origins of the human race, and the physical manifestations of our religions.

To recap: what do a "keeper" of mythical entitles, a greedy werewolf with perverted tendencies, the Greys, and a Washington conspiracy that makes the JFK assassination look like a crossword puzzle have in common with the true origin of man (sorry Darwin), the abruptly missing residents of a mountain county called Cutler, and the timeless question of God's relationship to the Devil?


The Mosaic Trilogy is the culmination of thirty years spent reveling in the darkness and light of literature and film, created from influences as diverse as Universal Studio's 1941 film The Wolf Man and H.G. Wells's The Time Machine and Island of Dr. Moreau, the Bible, the murky underworld contrived of modern conspiracy theory, and man's eternal search for his maker(s), the opportunity to meet them face to face.


The Mosaic Trilogy, by the last word of the third book, will have changed you, opened your eyes to a vast mystery our ancestors didn't even know existed (excluding those with access to Malabar or any of his agents, of course).


An Excerpt from "Malabar" (from The Night Show, Vol. 1: The Great American Night) Available now!


Excerpt from "Natives," (a short story from The Night Show, Vol. 4: In the Parlance of Our Crimes and the unofficial preface to Lazarus Cane)


2 Excerpts (from Lazarus Cane, the introduction "A Witness for the Descendent (Last Thing First)", and Chapter 15, "A New Dawn In the Valley of Shadows")


3 Excerpts (from Book 3: Godwin & Deville: parts 2 of a 3-part preface called "Subterranean Visitations" and an excerpt from Chapter 3, "To the Winds, the Witness" [Undergoing Maintenance])


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