Running the Infinite


Table of Contents


Book One:

Ripples on the Wake of Disaster


Chapter One:



Chapter Two:

Foreigners & Aliens


Chapter Three:

The Road to Truth through a Jungle of Myth


Chapter Four:

Events Prior to Jumping Off


Chapter Five:

In Like Fin


Chapter Six:

Malabar’s Vision Quest



Book Two:




Chapter Seven:

Operators Under False Pretense


Chapter Eight:

The Effects of a Long Journey


Chapter Nine:

The Strange Debriefing of William Ballard


Chapter Ten:

Main Street Exit Strategies


Chapter Eleven:

Legends of Mr. Fantasy


Chapter Twelve:

The Lesson from Burnt Bridges


Book III:

Shadows in the Sun,

Figures in the Shade



Chapter Thirteen:

Showdown in Werewolf Town


Chapter Fourteen:

Illuminating Eaton


Chapter Fifteen:



Chapter Sixteen:

A Break in the Chain


Chapter Seventeen:

The Ill Will of Mr. Deville


Chapter Eighteen:

The Children of Godwin