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Excerpt from Arnold Grodin's
                                               (Witness #49: (An Eyewitness's Account of The Port Haven Tragedy)




                                                                                   Excerpt from Lee Hennessy's Killer, By Trade

Port Haven

Up North

Just Like Old Times


Excerpt from : The U.S. vs. Lee Hennessy

[New York City Flashback #46]

"The Prodigal Sheep, or Whatever"

Excerpt from: The U.S. vs. Lee Hennessy

A Reunion of Ghosts

This Thing We Did

Excerpt from: Guardian Spirits: My Life in the Guardian Syndicate

Rearview Mirror Blues

Excerpt from: The U.S. vs. Lee Hennessy

The Elusive Silver Lining

[New York City Flashback #47c]

Hammer of Thor, Blowtorch of Virgil

Betrayed (In a Good Way)

Smoking Guns

The Inside Man

Epilogue to Volume One




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