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The focus of Haven Publications is on presenting the work of Daniel R. Nelson (that's me). I formed Haven at the age of 26, in the year 2002. Within two years, I

published a collection of short stories in two printings and a novel. Both are coming up on their 15th Anniversaries in print.

Taking on the responsibility of publishing one's own work represents a far greater challenge than merely writing a book. That work represents about 25% of my job overall.

In order to accomplish the whole job for any given book I put out, I've become proficient in web design and graphic arts.

The next step is taking certain works into the film realm.

At this moment, I would be capable of launching two series for premium television (See: In Risk We Trust and The Night Show), as well

as a trilogy of films, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-12 feature projects. This last figure is a conservative estimate. I have many short stories that could easily be

adapted into film scripts. Are you a budding filmmaker without a story to shoot? Email me. Money is less important to me than one's earnestness to create a

good film of my work. I, myself, am trained in shooting 35 mm and own my camera, but running the publishing house makes it difficult for me to find

time to fully follow this direction, myself.

With the intended success of these 8 novels I've written in the past 11 years, I plan to begin shooting something in 2015.

From the intended success of film ventures, my mission becomes two-fold: opening a summer camp primarily for kids who want to be writers, with additional activities

available in graphic design, web design, and filmmaking. Famous authors would be invited every year

to spend the summer in one of our guest houses; their purpose to lend the fruits of their experience to the intellectual growth of the kids in attendance, both on a group and one-on-one basis.

I plan to release a book at the end of every summer featuring the work of those kids who attended

the camp that year. The proceeds from sales would be divided equally among those kids who contribute. The second mission will be designing a software package that

leads it's users to find inspiration within themselves by producing a "syllabus" of activities and resources based on their interests.