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The Mosaic Trilogy:

Lazarus Cane

Running the Infinite

Godwin & Deville




Primaland [Available Now!]

Santa's Secret Weapon

Flip City Blues

Things that Never Happen

In Risk We Trust

The Truth Variations (Version 1)


Short Story Collections:



The Night Show Collection:

 (for full Table of Contents, click here)


[Available Now!]

The Great American Night (Vol. 1)

(Including story-to-script conversions for some titles)


"Strange Changes"

(Short Story Excerpt: Coming Soon/Entire Episode Teleplay)


"Things I Come From"

(Short Story Excerpt) (w/ Partial Teleplay)

"Crazy Willie Rides On"

(Short Story Excerpt/Entire Episode Teleplay)


(Excerpt from short story/Excerpt from Episode Teleplay)


(Complete short story/Complete Episode Teleplay)

"Presque's Last Night"

(Excerpt from short story)

"We'll Be Seeing You"

(Complete short story)

"Lunatics Are My Specialty"

(Excerpt from short story/Complete Teleplay)



Signals from Noise





The Truth Variations


Lazarus Cane

Black Tapestry

(Inspired by Oliver Stone's JFK)


From In Risk We Trust: (Season 1):

Episode 1: "Call of the Riled"

Episode 2: "Revelations of the Genesis"


From The Night Show (Season 1):

"Crazy Willie Rides On"

"Strange Changes"

"Things I Come From"


"Lunatics Are My Specialty"




In Progress:




The Savage Pursuit of Serenity (A Comedy)

The Truth Variations (Version 2) [Excerpt coming soon!]



Novels comprised of short stories:


Blackwoods Drive (Vol. 1):

The MAJIC Show [Excerpts coming soon!]

Blackwoods Drive (Vol. 2):

The Gentlemen of Blades

Blackwoods Drive (Vol. 3):

The World Staged



The Night Show Collection:


Crackpot Visionaries (Vol. 3) [In Progress]

In the Parlance of Our Crimes (Vol. 4) [In Progress]





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