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Welcome to Horror Town...and Good Luck



(from The Night Show, Vol. 4: In the Parlance of Our Crimes)

The original preface to the first book in The Mosaic Trilogy, Lazarus Cane. The setting for Cane takes place in a Rocky Mountain community known as Cutler County, circa 2004. The story "Natives" is set

in the same location over a century earlier, when the first settlers arrived to cultivate the area into a homestead and what would eventually become the incorporated towns of Belmont and Winterlong, unknowing that a certain "society" already exists in the area--a society consisting of creatures too terrifying even for nightmares.


Lazarus Cane

(Book 1 of The Mosaic Trilogy)

The first book in The Mosaic Trilogy, Lazarus Cane tells the story of a spoiled but mildly talented rich kid with dreams of becoming a famous screenwriter, who happens to meet (and make a deal with) the elusive Malabar, a mysterious figure with the power to travel through time and teleport.


"A Misunderstanding Between Friends" (Coming Soon!)

(from The Night Show, Vol. 4: In the Parlance of Our Crimes)


"Hatchet's Course" (Coming Soon!)

(from The Night Show, Vol. 2: Signals From Noise)



*Denotes a story that meets requirements of more than one genre; in this case, "Natives" is both a horror story and a western.